MARC Changes supported in MARC Report 235

MARC Update No. 12 (announced September 22, 2010)

“Update No. 12 (October 2010) is now available on the MARC website (”

“The changes are indicated in red. Each format also has an appendix, Format Changes for Update No. 12 (October 2010) that lists the changes that comprise the update.”

“The Web version of the formats is the official version …”

[quotes from LC's email announcing the update]

MARC Update No. 11 (announced March 5, 2010)

As noted in LC's update announcement

Many of the changes in this update have been made to accommodate 
the new cataloging rules, Resource Description and Access (RDA).

There is a nice summary of all MARC21 changes related to RDA here

Codelists Remodeled

Perhaps in keeping with the new approach heralded by RDA, the MARC Codelists have been completely overhauled by LC. There does not seem to be, as yet, an official announcement of this change. The old banner

is now only to be found via the 'wayback machine' archiver.

To see the new design, visit the MARC Standards home page, and click on the links for 'Other Value Lists' and 'Sources' (on the left).

TECHNICAL NOTICE (September 24, 2010)

Addition to the Cartographic Data Source Codes list

wpntpl - Washington Place Names (Tacoma Public Library)

TECHNICAL NOTICE (September 3, 2010)

Additions to the MARC Code List for Relators:

mfp - Manufacture place
prp - Production place

TECHNICAL NOTICE (September 3, 2010)

Added to the Cartographic Data Source Codes list:

nzpnd - New Zealand Place Names Database (New Zealand Geographic Board 
Nga Pou Taunaha o Aotearoa (NZGB))

TECHNICAL NOTICE (August 27, 2010)

Added to the Description Convention Source Codes list:

ncr - Nippon cataloging rules (Tokyo: National Diet Library)

Added to the Cartographic Data Source Codes list:

erpn - Scott, Andrew. The encyclopedia of raincoast place
names: a complete reference to coastal British Columbia 
(Madeira Park, BC: Harbour Publishing)

TECHNICAL NOTICE (June 29, 2010)

Added to the MARC Authentication Action Code list:

croatica - Croatian National Bibliography

Added to Standard Identifier Source Codes list:

itar - ITAR (Importtjeneste og autoritetsregistre)

Added to the Subject Heading and Term Source Codes list:

gccst - Government of Canada core subject thesaurus
(Gatineau [Quebec]: Library and Archives Canada) 

Technical Notice (June 18, 2010)

LC changes the three Genre/Form Term and Code Source Codes that were added for RDA from 'marc' to 'rda':

marccarrier --> rdacarrier
marccontent --> rdacontent
marcmedia   --> rdamedia


Addition to the Genre/Form Code and Term Source Codes list:

lcgft - Library of Congress genre/form terms for library and 
archival materials (Washington, DC: Library of Congress, 
Cataloging Distribution Service)


Additions to the MARC Code List for Relators. 8 new codes:

    blw - Blurb writer            clr - Colorist
    con - Conservator             dbp - Distribution place
    evp - Event place             mrb - Marbler
    pup - Publication place       uvp - University place

TECHNICAL NOTICE (April 28, 2010)

Additions to Source Codes for Vocabularies, Rules, and Schemes. 23 new codes
With this announcement we find major changes on the LC MARC website. The 'MARC Codelist for Relators, Sources, Description Conventions' appears to have ceased existence, and we now have instead:

TECHNICAL NOTICE (January 26, 2010)

Additions to the MARC Code Lists for Relators, Sources, Description Conventions. 5 new codes, 1 code redefined:

    034 $2 wikiped           6XX $2 bjornson
    6XX $2 hamsun            6XX $2 netc
    6XX $2 stw               6XX $2 rasuqam 
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