Punctuation checks for fields 505

In version 235 we added several punctuation checks for the 505 field.

Unfortunately, after adding them, we realized that they were not completely accurate, and so by default, these new checks will be disabled. This page describes how to enable them, if you want, and the problematic nature of punctuation in the 505.

It appears that all sorts of punctuation can be used to indicate different things in the 505. Since the 505 is only supposed to be keyword indexed, it should not matter, e.g., a single $t should be used for the below:

$tKomm Heiliger Geist, Herre Gott = Come, O Holy Ghost, God and Lord 

But some catalogers are indexing the contents of $t in Browse in order to separate out the parallel titles:

$tKomm Heiliger Geist, Herre Gott =$tCome, O Holy Ghost, God and Lord

So, $t punctuation can be, as seen in the examples on the MARC website, '.$t' or '–$t'; but $t can also be '=$t' or ':$t' or ';$t'1); Also, $r punctuation can be either '/$r' or '$r( )

i.e., attempting to indicate meaning via punctuation in the same manner as in the 245 $b subfield
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