Validation of authority subfield $w

Before version 234, MARC Report used one set of rules (based on LC practice) to validate authority control subfield $w. No distinction was made for different 'types' of authority records.

Beginning with version 234, the program will now first determine if an authority record is for a subject heading (SAF), or a name/series heading (NAF)1), and then, for control subfield $w, use a slightly different set of validation rules for each. This change is being made to more closely follow the LC Guidelines that are given in the “Blue Pages”.

The following table2) lists the $w values that will now be considered valid by MARC Report:

For now, the new $w/0 code 'r' (Relationship designation in subfield $i or $4) will be considered valid across the board, but this will no doubt be updated as more information becomes available.

This determination is made as follows: records with 100-130 are considered Name/Series headings, records with tags 150 and higher are considered Subject headings, with the exception of records with tags 151, which, for the purpose of these $w checks, will be considered Name/Series headings
For a more complete listing of the subfield $w codes, please visit the MARC manual section for Tracings and References, or see the more complete $w table we created to help with these changes
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