MARC Global forms error

In the 233 release of MARC Global, it is possible to generate erroneous forms in the program by using the following sequence of events:

  • Start MARC Global and press 'Skip'
  • Select one of the task types and run the job
  • On the results page, select 'Run MARC Global on the results'
  • On the Start page, press 'Skip' again
  • Select another task and press 'Next'

At this point, the data entry form that is displayed will often be invalid (ie. it will not contain the expected options).


This bug can be avoided by pressing 'Next' twice on the start-up screen, instead of using the 'Skip' shortcut (to bypass the 'Patterns' form).

To fix this problem

Please follow these steps:

  1. Download the following file: mrt233-mglobal-patch.exe (1.3 MB)
  2. When the download completes, double-click on the downloaded file
  3. Follow the prompts on the screen to install the fix

As with any change to the \Program Files folder, these steps will require Adminstrative access in Windows.

This patch fixes only the problem described above.

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