Major enhancements in 2.33

Option profiles

Maintain different sets of options for different purposes and switch between them with a single click. For example, if you do both bibliographic and authority cataloging, and have customized different cataloging checks, mandatory fields, local validation data, etc., for each, you will now be able to save each setup and switch from one to the other without going back to the options page.

For usage steps on this new feature, please click here

Merge text into MARC records with MARC Global

The amount of requests we've had in the last year to support some sort of merging in MARC Report is remarkable. In version 233, we've added a very simple form of merge. It requires a MARC file on the one hand, and, on the other, a text file consisting of two columns: the first column being a match key, and the second being the data to be merged into the MARC record.

For usage steps on this new feature, please click here

Share MARC Global and MARC Review tasks via XML files

In version 2.33, it is now possible to export a single MARC Review, or MARC Global review (including an autoreview), to an XML file in your My Documents area. This XML file can then be shared with other users–by copying it to a network folder, sending it as an email attachment, etc.–who can then import the review into their own MARC Report environment.

For usage steps on this new feature, please click here

Export MARC data to MODS and DC

In version 233, it is now possible to export MARC data to MODS, MADS, and DC using the MARC-to-XML conversion utilities. These conversions make use of the stylesheets available on the LC MARCXML website.

For the latest details on this frequently-changing part of MARC Report, please click here

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