Batch Mode does not count all MARC errors

In versions 230, 231, and 232, Batch mode silently skipped and did not count records with some types of MARC data errors.

For example, records longer than 99999 bytes, records without a record terminator (x1D) where expected, etc., are considered fatal errors by the program. In Batch Mode, these records are skipped by the program, and are reported as 'Total MARC errors found'.

On the other hand, records with invalid (or alphabetic) values in the directory, records with field terminators missing where expected, etc., are considered non-fatal errors by MARC Report (because these problems can often be fixed by running a file through the Verify utility).

It is this second class of errors that Batch Mode silently ignored in the count for 'Total records checked', nor did it report these records in the row labeled 'Total MARC errors found'.

In version 233, Batch mode will count all records with any type of MARC error in the row labeled 'Total MARC errors found'. However, as these records are not checked for cataloging errors, they will still not be included in the count of 'Total records checked'. A reminder to run the Verify utility on the file will be added to the report whenever (either type of) error is encountered.

Here is an extract from a Batch mode report of the counts in question:

Summary of Results

Total records checked:                   9158
Total MARC errors found:                 9

Note: If there are MARC errors in a file, then any record count reported by the 'Count Records' utility may also be invalid (it depends on the type of error). The only way to get an accurate count of the valid records in a file is to run the Verify utility, and look at the count of the records that were output (as opposed to the count of the records that Verify thinks were input).

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