Check for Program Updates on Startup

In the program Automation tab of the options, there has always been an option called 'Check for program updates on startup'. If this option was checked, then every time MARC Report was started, the program would send a query to our server asking for a piece of metadata (from a file called 'current.html') that contains the current version number of the program.

It seems that beginning in late 2008, some antivirus software began to flag the module (valupdt.dll) responsible for contacting our server as containing some sort of virus infection.

We have checked the module that we distribute and it does not contain a virus. However, we cannot guarantee that any file, once on a customer's system, does not contain a virus. Therefore, if your antivirus program says that a file should be deleted, then you should probably do what it says.

In the current computing climate, we decided that it would be best to remove this option rather than attempting to re-program it. Therefore, in version 232, the valupdt.dll module is no longer being distributed, or used by the program.

If this file is still on your system from a previous installation, deleting it will have no affect on the program.

You will still be able to check for a new version of the program by selecting the 'MARC Report update' option from the Help menu. And all customers will always receive an email notice whenever a new version is released.

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