MARC Report version 232 Addendum

This page lists the changes to version 232 between its initial release date of Jan 30, 2009, and the revision date of Feb 21, 2009.

The original build number for version 232 was 481; the build number of the revision is 524.

  • The check for end of field punctuation in Bib 500 (Note) was disabled. Fixed.
  • In the Verify utility, the 'Control code translation' option was not functioning. Fixed.
  • Various problems with checks pertaining to '/' in 245 (whether missing completely, or appearing more than once). Fixed.
  • The message for 008/33 = 'c' (comic strips) was incorrect. It read: “Now code '9' in Nature of Contents (008/24-27) instead”; it should have read “Now code '6' …” Fixed.
  • The message for GMD punctuation in non-title fields (eg 730 $h) referred to '245' instead of the field in question. Fixed.
  • A message for field 300 indicated that 'plates' should go in $b; it should have said 'plates' belongs in $a. Fixed.
  • Invalid 008 fields (Length not 40 bytes) generated an exception pop-up message, and caused validation to return no errors. Fixed.
  • Fixed a problem with the check for $v in 6xx (the check tries to catch problems with $v being used as if it were in a series heading)
  • There were a few minor problems in the installer for the new MR Cataloging Checks feature ('autoImport' folder not created; 'default' set not created; program option disabled by default). Fixed.
  • Added a check for 'playaway' materials to prevent the message about record type not matching the 300$a from falsely triggering.
  • Changed the code that checks for 'Local Subjects' slightly; in the past, we considered a record as being for fiction material if the 008/33 was not '0' (ie not non-fiction); now we make the fiction determination by checking whether 008/33 is '1' or 'f', and if it is not, we consider it non-fiction.
  • Changed the Verify utility so that it would automatically cleanup record terminators (x1D) within the record.
  • Changed the Verify utility to report a 'delimiter problem' whenever more than one field delimiter (x1E) is found in a field. Previously, it would fix the problem (if the 'Repair terminator' option was selected), but not report the record as being fixed.
  • Updated the program to support the new MR Cataloging Checks in shared sets mode.
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