MARC 21 Update No. 9

LC announced Update No. 9 on October 31, 2008.

Complete documention is available online: MARC 21 Update No. 9

There are many changes are to the bibliographic format, the most notable being the obsolescence of the 440, and the corresponding re-purposing of the 490: “Prior to 2009, series for which the transcribed form and the traced form were the same were in field 440, and field 490 was not used. If the transcribed form and the traced form were different, the transcribed form was in field 490 and Indicator 1 had value “1” (Series traced differently) The traced form was in an 8XX field. Beginning in 2009, field 440 is not used and the transcribed form of the series name is in field 490 with the traced form in 8XX, even if the names are the same.”

Here is our summary of the changes made since Update No. 8:

Bibliographic Format

007/04 Videorecording/Video Format–'s': blu-ray discs (New code)

008/24-27 Books/Nature of contents–'y': Yearbooks (Redfined, previously obsolete)

008/24-27 Books/Nature of contents–'5': Calendars (New code)

008/24-27 Books/Nature of contents–'6': Comics/graphic novels (New code)

008/24 Serials/Nature of Entire work–'y', '5', '6' (same as Books, above)

008/25-27 Serials/Nature of contents–'y', '5', '6' (same as Books, above)

008/33 Books/Literary form–'c': Comics –This code is now OBSOLETE

Note: The above changes to the 008 also apply to the corresponding positions of the 006.

017 $z: Canceled/invalid copyright or legal deposit number (R) (New subfield)

041 Indicator 1–'blank' (New indicator value)
No information has been provided as to whether the item is or includes a translation

082 $m: Standard or optional designation (NR) (New subfield)
Designates whether the classification number contained in the field is from the standard or optional part of the schedules or tables

082 $q: Assigning agency (NR) (New subfield)

083: Additional Dewey Decimal Classification Number (R) (New field)
Classification number used for subject access

085: Synthesized Classification Number Components (R) (New field)
Information about how a synthesized classification number or a portion of a synthesized classification number was built

440: Series Statement/Added Entry Title–This field is now OBSOLETE.

490 Indicator 1–'1': Series traced (Redefined indicator value)
When value 1 is used, the appropriate field 800-830 is included in the bibliographic record to provide the series added entry.

490 $3: Materials specified (NR) (New subfield)

502 $b: Degree type (NR) (New subfield)

502 $c: Name of granting institution (NR) (New subfield)

502 $d: Year degree granted (NR) (New subfield)

502 $g: Miscellaneous information (R) (New subfield)

502 $o: Dissertation identifier (R) (New subfield)

534 $o: Other resource identifier (R) (New subfield)

542: Information Relating to Copyright Status (R) (New field)
Information known about the item that may be used to determine copyright status

648 $0: Authority record control number (R) (New subfield)

800/810/811/830 $x: International Standard Serial Number (NR) (New subfield)

800/810/811/830 $3: Materials specified (NR) (New subfield)

882: Replacement Record Information (NR) (New field)
Information about the replacement bibliographic record in a deleted record

Authority Format

083 $y: Table sequence number for internal subarrangement or add table (R) (New subfield)

Holdings Format

007/04 Videorecording/Video Format–'s': blu-ray discs (New code)

017: Copyright or Legal Deposit Number (R) (New field)
Copyright registration or legal deposit number for an item that was acquired by copyright or legal deposit

Note: descriptions in italics are taken directly from the LC MARC21 website

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