Major enhancements in MARC Report 2.32

Using MARC Review to generate cataloging checks

Its been apparent for to us for sometime that there should be a way for the user to design their own cataloging cross-checks. Although it has always been possible to generate a local validation table to overlay the defaults from LC, simple validation does not meet every need (in fact, this is the basic premise of our own cataloging checks).

The program already has a tool called MARC Review that can search a file (or record) for complex patterns involving many fields. In 2.32, we have developed an interface to permit MARC Review tasks (called 'reviews') to be integrated into the cataloging checks that are performed in an edit session or in record-by-record mode.

For more information on 'MARC Review cataloging checks' Click here

Status: Available: with 2.32 public release

Punctuation checking for headings

In the past, the program has not checked headings fields too carefully for punctuation, the designers believing that properly constructed headings should be taken from an authority file, and in that case, the punctuation would be correct. In 2.32, we have added internal punctuation checking for name headings fields: X00, X10, X11.

Our philosophy about this has not changed (please always take headings from an authority file!) but we have been made aware that this checking is still necessary. Thank you, BL!

Status: Available: with 2.32 public release

Punctuation checking for authority records

In the past, the program did not check authority records for punctuation. In 2.32, we have added an option to enable/disable punctuation checking for personal name, corporate name, and conference name entries in authority records. By default, this option (located on the 'Cataloging Checks' page) is not selected, which means that our punctuation checker will not run on Authority records.

Status: Available: with 2.32 public release

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