Edit session converts '$' to #31

When copying and pasting external data into the program in an Edit Session, the program automatically converts dollarsigns ('$') into the MARC subfield delimiter. This is generally considered a feature.

A problem arises, however, if the user wants to paste an actual dollarsign into the record (for example, using a macro to set up an 020 or an item 9XX field). (SW)

Beginning with version 2.32, the program will support pasting literal dollarsigns into a record as long as they are enclosed by square brackets. (This is the same conversion technique used by the Text Editior–F10)

For example, to construct a macro for an 020 $c, use:

$c[$]00.00    or:    ±c[$]00.00

and not:

$c$00.00      or:    ±c$00.00
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