Release 200609

+ Work on the alternate labels option changed the behavior of the 'language and labels' option so that it required a restart to take effect. Its back to the way it was now (no restart required).

+ Changed the level at which the Structured element list (F7) opens using the new 'Poly' (polyhierarchical subproperties) option

Release 200608

+ Final changes to the alternate labels options and help page

Release 200607

+ Fixes a problem that occurs when records are dragged from one data folder to another (in windows). The symptom is: doubleclicking on the record in the EI doesn't open it

+ Small improvement to the display of blank nodes in the RDF view (to make it easier to figure out what they are talking about)

Release 200606

+ Updates internal logic to follow 'work manifested / manifestation of work' relationships when displaying all of the records in a description set (This was already being done in the R-Tree, but not in the 'List all records in set' option)

Release 200605

+ The changes being made to the alternate labels process should now be almost complete.

The help file has been rewritten to reflect these changes. In addition, alternate labels will now be applied without requiring the program to restart.

Release 200602

+ Hides the option to display unconstrained labels for RDA templates. If for some reason this functionality is needed, email us and we'll tell you how to enable it.

+ The 'Dig' button in the RTree was not responding. Fixed

+ Changes to remoteEI import

+ Minor change to the default display level for 'polyhierarchical' element lists

Release 200601

+ Fixes a bug in 'Tools|Import'. The symptom would be that one of the records (probably the first) included in an import would be assigned a random RDA entity.

+ Adds an option to implement 'Unconstrained' labels (and definitions) on the 'Setup language and labels' form. This option is experimental.

+ On the 'Setup alternate labels' form, an option to apply a capitalization choice (or not) to all of the labels being imported has been added. Still in progress: improvements to the interface and help on that form.

Release 200522

+ Removes an obsolete message from one of the export dialogs

+ Adds an option form to support Remote EI Authorization

Release 200519

+ Standardizes the various options in the program that support exporting records (EI, RTree, RDA record set), and adds a 'Help' file to the corresponding dialogs

Release 200518

+ In many cases, clicking 'poly' (ie. polyhierarchical) would not expand the list of elements to include the expected subclass properties. Fixed.

Release 200517

+ Initial support for “polyhierarchical” element views when pressing F7 while editing ('Structured element list')

+ Initial support for permitting the AP Builder to fetch attributes from the ap profiles of other entities in the WEMI stack of the source record (via the '++' button)

+ When editing a template the window banner contained repeated filenames. Fixed

+ When editing a template, 'File|Save As' would generate an A/V the second time it was pressed. Fixed

Release 200515

+ Updates the templates distributed with the program (user-generated templates are preserved)

Release 200509

+ Fixes an issue caused when a record is linked to itself. (The fix being to prevent this from happening)

+ The list that displayed when pressing 'F5|Link to EI' was inaccurate (it contained unrelated entities). Fixed.

+ Links from Manifestation to Work are now included on the 'WEMI Links' toolbar

Release 200506

+ rename 'access point index' to 'appellation index'

+ rename column called 'heading' to 'value' in the above

+ replace element uri with element label in the above

+ double-click on an item in the appellation index opens it

+ five manifestation elements were excluded from the index:

name of publisher
name of producer
name of distributor
name of manufacturer
title of series

Release 200505

+ Fixes an issue caused by an experimental option getting into the last release

Release 200504

+ Introduces a new view called 'access point index'. Access it from main menu 'Tools'

This view is similar to the entity index but differs in one important concept: the entity index view (of the records in the current data folder) is one-to-one, whereas the access point index supports a many-to-one representation view.

+ A couple of small changes were made to the default ap builder profiles for expression and manifestation

(New templates for 3.4.1 expression and manifestation are still to do)

Release 200501

+ Supports RDA Registry 3.4.1

+ Fixes a problem with the automatic appellation code (which had a dependency on the reg:name property, which is no longer)

+ Fixes a problem with some menus that link to or filter EI items (the symptom would be an empty menu)

Release 200428

+ Many changes to the 'ap builder' profiles (previously dubbed 'accesspoint profiles')

  • the user can now create multiple profiles for each entity (just like templates)
  • the user can now activate any profile they have created (ie make it the default)
  • a shortcut was added to make editing Work profiles feasible
  • the Help file for ap builder profiles was much improved and moved to … the Help menu

Release 200426

+ Fix error in AP Builder's automatic mode, where it would select all candidate elements instead of just the candidates specified as required by the profile.

Release 200425

+ Adds to a new option to hide deprecated elements in existing records. This option is located under 'View|Show/Hide'

Notes: Deprecated elements are always visible in templates–the option above is not applicable. Visible deprecated elements are displayed italicized with grey text. Hiding deprecated elements in records does not delete them from the record.

Release 200424

+ Support for RDA Registry 3.4.0, the main changes being:

The following elements are added:

Expression: colour Manifestation: accessibility content Manifestation: colour content Manifestation: illustrative content Manifestation: sound content Manifestation: supplementary content

The following elements are deprecated:

Expression: accessibility content Expression: colour content Expression: details of colour content Expression: details of illustrative content Expression: illustrative content Expression: sound content Expression: supplementary content

see: https://github.com/RDARegistry/RDA-Vocabularies/releases/tag/v3.4.0

+ Improved handling of deprecated elements (this is likely to be a work in progress).

Deprecated elements appear italicized in RIMMF, and include the label qualifier ”(deprecated)” They are fully functional (almost) in existing records and templates, but they will not be available in the dropdown lists (used to add elements to a record or template).

Release 200218

+ Removed “mydac” package from project (as a trial period expired). For the time being, this removes support for the experimental online triplestore.

Release 200216

+ Fixes several problems introduced in the last month or two.

- records do not appear in the EI when saved - inverse relationships fail to be created, etc.

Release 200211

+ Fixes text rendering of RDA 'Record sets'

+ Removes 'TkLink' from the list of columns that will always be displayed in a record view

Release 200206

+ Changes the R-Tree behavior so that it works more like it did in RIMMF3–ie. only display links from one RDA entity to another

Release 200205

+ same as 200204, but uses a more universal (perhaps slower) method to connect to the server

Release 200204

+ Internal version

+ This release contains support for an online triplestore, the purpose of which is to test and experiment with concepts which might be applicable to linked data shared cataloging.

+ The test site contains about 55,000 triples representing about 1,500 entity records (no doubt these numbers will cahnge)

+ To access this data (all of which is related to “Jane”), go to the “Tools” menu and select “Remote EI”. After a few seconds, an EI-like table will be displayed. Click on any entry and press “Get”–the entity record will be downloaded and opened in R4. If the record contains links to other entities, doubleclick on them (as you usually would), and if the clicked-on item is in the remote EI, it will also be downloaded and opened in R4.

+ Downloaded records (as .nt files) are saved to the ..\Documents\RIMMF4\imports\rts folder, and entries for them will be added to the EI, and can be clicked on, etc.

However, the next time R4 is started, the downloaded records will be ignored.

That's as far as I've got in this release

Release 191216

+ Fixes a resource leak.

Symptom would be the program locks up after using F5 (20+ times) to create a link

Release 191215

+ much faster loading of large data folders

Note: each data folder will have to be loaded once in order for this optimization to kick in.

Release 191116

+ Terms from the following vocabularies included '@en' at the end of the labels in the dropdown lists:

http://rdaregistry.info/termList/RDACarrierEU http://rdaregistry.info/termList/RDAExtensionPlan http://rdaregistry.info/termList/RDAInteractivityMode http://rdaregistry.info/termList/RDARecordingMethods http://rdaregistry.info/termList/RDARecordingSources http://rdaregistry.info/termList/RDATerms http://rdaregistry.info/termList/RDATypeOfBinding


+ We made a slight change to the order of priority that the program uses to determine the preferred label of s thing (the label that appears in the EI, in links, in the editor banner, etc.)

Prior to this version, the order used was:

1. authorizedAccessPointForRDAEntity 2. preferredNameOfRDAEntity 3. accessPointForRDAEntity 4. nameOfRDAEntity 5. identifierForRDAEntity 6. appellationOfRDAEntity 7. other–any property with range Nomen not included above

Beginning with 191116, the order will be:

1. authorizedAccessPointForRDAEntity 2. accessPointForRDAEntity 3. preferredNameOfRDAEntity 4. nameOfRDAEntity 5. identifierForRDAEntity 6. appellationOfRDAEntity 7. other–any property with range Nomen not included above

(in a future version this list may be offered as a customizable option)

+ The search tool at the bottom of the EI has been rehabilitated. It supports:

  1. searching appellations
  2. searching elements
  3. searching data

When searching elements, enter:

The case-sensitive option applies to all searches except that on the element uri.

Release 191111

+ Fixes an issue where the .zip installer would, without fanfare or warning, delete all templates distributed with the software.

+ Fixes a problem with the display of diacritics when a language other than English was being used to display the RDA labels

Release 191025

+ Change to the default RDA entity templates so that they sort on the element label instead of the element uri (which is a failrly random order). This only changes the initial display of the default “01” templates.

+ In the AP Builder, it is now possible to enter one or more strings from scratch.

Strings entered in this way will be added to the list of strings in the builder, appended with the notation “added text” (instead of the label of the source element). If subsequently selected, the “added text” string will become part of the heading and saved with it; if not selected, the string will cease to exist when the builder exits.

Release 191024

+ Update recording method map using (Oct 27 version)

+ Change AP Builder behavior so that a heading is not automatically generated when there are no qualifying elements present (the previous behavior resulted in corrupt headings being created)

Release 191023

+ Updated VES support to allow user entered text

+ Unlinked “Extent of manifestation” and “RDA Carrier Extent Unit”

+ Changed behavior of AP Builder:

  1. if an accesspoint contains text manually entered by the user, and the user then invokes the AP Builder,

a popup message will advise the user to clear the manually entered text if they want to use the builder.

  1. the F key <F3> can now be used to invoke the AP Builder

Release 191022

+ Improvements to the functionality of 'Switch template +'

Release 191021

+ Fixes problem with top-level elements not being collapsable/expandable

Release 191020

+ Updated TMQ template sets for the following entities:

  Work, Expression, Manifestation, Place, and Timespan

Release 191013

+ Show/Hide column in RTree was missing–Fixed

Release 191012

+ Fixed: new records were not being added to the EI when saved (the records were created, links made, etc., and the records would appear in the EI on the next startup.

+ The AP Builder icons were reversed–fixed

+ Doubleclicking an item in the RTree did not open that item–Fixed

Release 191009

+ Fixes some bugs in the internal triple store that prevented updates from correctly taking place; the obvious symptom would be that links would disappear when a record was closed

Release 190909

+ Attempts to improve the option to 'Reset [a] view'

Release 190907

+ Fixes a bug introduced in 190905, namely, the inability to save a new record. Argh!

+ Adds a new menu devoted to reopening templates; the main menu now has two similar items:

  1. Reopen records
  2. Reopen templates

Release 190905

+ Update to RDA Vocabularies as implemented by RIMMF. Adds or updates the following:

  1. RDA Recording source
  2. RDA Extension plan
  3. RDA Interactivity mode
  4. RDA Material
  5. RDA Groove pitch
  6. RDA Groove width
  7. RDA Type of Binding
  8. RDA Carrier Extent Unit

This update also removes many deprecated and experimental vocabularies.

Also included is the RDA Terms vocabulary. You can search RDA Terms in any record by pressing <Ctrl>-F

Release 190901

+ test new template installer

Release 190828

+ Changes to templates

  • The names of templates distributed with R4 will now always begin with “TMQ”

+ These templates can be cloned but not edited (as they may be changed on any subsequent update)

+ A new set of "TMQ" templates is included in this release
+ A couple of metadata triples for templates were not updating correctly. Fixed

Release 190826

+ Updates “Appellation” templates in Agent entities

Release 190825

+ Added a link to this log of changes to the R4 wiki; in R4, use “Help|Log of changes” to browse to this info

Release 190823

+ Adds support for RDA Registry version 3.3.0

+ Finishes the 'alternate labels' project. In this version

  • a configuration form has been added: 'Options|Setup|Setup alternate labels'
  • the new form handles both import and export of labels
  • the new form supports enabling/disabling alt labels in a variety of views
  • multiple files of user customized labels are supported

+ The pop-up note saying '… link labels have been updated. Save the record to make them permanent' has been removed. There is no longer any need for this workaround; when a record is opened, link labels are now refreshed from the appellation of the related entity (if its accessible)

+ A new utility to update all of the ER labels in a data folder has been added to 'Tools|Utils|Check link labels'

+ There was a problem caused by the recent addition of SSL support at marcofquality.com In short, templates and profiles created since the change would be incomplete. Its doubtful anyone has a copy of R4 where this is an issue, but if so, this release will fix it.

+ There was a problem with the display of unicode characters in the EI if the record was edited in the current session. Fixed.

+ Six elements were missing the correct subpropertyOf data, and thus were always displayed at the top-level of an entity in a template. Fixed (THey are: appellation of RDA entity of, authorized access point for work group of, identifier for work group of, parallel other title information of series, parallel title of series of, parallel title of series).

Release 190703

+ Fixes AP Builder buttons which got broken by yesterdays update (190702)

Release 190702

+ Fixed a problem with links to Nomen not working via doubleclick (introduced in last update)

+ Added an F5 menu item labelled 'Open in AP Builder' to appropriate (AP) elements. Alternately, doubleclick on an AP to open it in the AP Builder (provided the AP was created in the Builder. If the AP was created via direct text entry, then simply edit it in place).

RIMMF wiki and download: http://www.rimmf.com/wiki

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