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 +====== Sample Project ======
 +This section describes a complete sample project using Self-PLP to view dupes in MCU. 
 +1. MARC File: the sample file, 'dupes010.mrc', contains 482 records. The LCCN in each record matches at least one other record in the file. 
 +[[http://www.marcofquality.com/pages/dupes010.zip | Download the MARC sample file]]
 +This file must be unzipped once you download it; it can be placed anywhere on your system.
 +2. Library Load Profile: this library's control number is in the 001, so the profile will map the 001 to an 035$a, and add the library's union catalog identifier '(QPQ)' as a prefix. The library does not export holdings, so a default holdings code ('TMQ') will be added to all records.
 +For download instructions, see step 3.
 +3. Match Rules: the match rules specify a single primary key and a single crosscheck, since the goal is to force all of the duplicate records to match (on LCCN) and fail crosschecks (XXXXX) so that each record can be setup for viewing in MCU.
 +[[http://www.marcofquality.com/pages/test010.zip | Download the sample library profile and match rules]]
 +Unzip this file((The zip contains five small files, one for the library profile, and four for the match rules)) in your PLP 'Options' folder (by default, 'Options' is a subdirectory in the installation folder). 
 +4. Now follow these steps to view the sample records in MCU:
 +  - Start PLP
 +  - Click on the 'Library file' navigator button and select the dupes010.mrc file
 +  - Click on the 'Load profile' navigator button and select 'test-profile'
 +  - Click on the 'Self-PLP Match rules navigator and select 'test010'
 +  - Click on the 'Union Catalog' navigaor button and select 'default tmq' matchrules'
 +  - Open the 'Run Options' (top menu) and select 'Skip PLP'
 +  - Press 'Begin'((If you receive a message 'No DB Connection', open the 'DB Connection' menu and select 'Test mode'; this should only need to be done once.))
 +  - The 'Pre-processing Stats' report will appear. Press 'OK'
 +  - The 'Self-PLP results' will appear. Press 'OK'
 +  - The 'Start MCU' prompt will appear. Press 'OK'
 +If the program installed correctly, you should now be looking at 238 groups of duplicate records in MCU!
 +For documentation on using MCU, click the 'MCU' link on the sidebar at the top of this page.
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