Self-PLP: 'CUSTOM' Primary Key §

A special match key called 'CUSTOM' is available, only in Self-PLP. 

This match key is useful when none of the standard library match keys will meet your needs. In essence, the 'CUSTOM' match key allows you to specify any MARC Tag/Subfield as a primary key. 

When you drag the 'CUSTOM' key from the top box to the bottom in the configuration builder, the following dialog box is displayed on top of the match rules form: 


The instructions should be self-explanatory. When you press Save, the dialog will collect your entry, and if valid, the 'CUSTOM' key will be added to your match rules.  

If you need to edit your CUSTOM setting, click on 'CUSTOM' in the bottom box–a link will then appear beneath the list– 


–and you can click on this link to reload the CUSTOM Primary key form. 


The CUSTOM key is available only in Self-PLP. The reason for this is that this key permits you to define any MARC Tag/Subfield as a match key, which Self-PLP will then index on-the-fly when it reads the MARC source file. In contrast, when working in PLP, the program is limited to those match keys which have indexes defined for them by your database software. 

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