PLP: Redirection rule Workform §

The crosscheck redirection rules workform looks like this: 


To Add a rule 

  • select a primary key 
  • select the crosschecks that must fail 
  • select the 'Match only' box, if applicable 
  • choose the Destination 
  • click the 'Add Rule' button.  

(When you click 'Add', you may be able to see a new row being added to the table in the background) 

Disabled items 

Note that the primary key and the crosschecks are drawn directly from the current PLP configuration. That is, if the current PLP config does not contain a given primary key, then that primary key will appear as a grayed out item on the workform. 

The same is true for the crosschecks. They will all remain grayed out until a primary key is selected. Once that occurs, all of the crosschecks defined for that primary key in the config become selectable; crosschecks that are not defined in the PLP config remain grayed out. 

The only way to activate a grayed out item on the workform is to back up to the PLP Match Rules form and add the primary key or crosschecks to the config. 


The selections on the workform are 'sticky'–that means they wont disappear as soon as you add the rule. Once you have added one rule, it becomes quite easy to add others by just changing one or more selections and clicking 'Add Rule' again. 

If you are not sure what a rule will do, click in the big white box at the bottom of the workform and a description of the rule will appear. 

When you are finished adding rules using the workform, press 'Done' to go back to the tabular view of the redirection rules.  

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