Using the Match Rules form 


To initialize a configuration, select the 'File|New' menu option. 

The top boxes (shaded blue) contain 'All' possible options for each section: primary keys, crosschecks, and preferences. 

The bottom boxes (shaded yellow) contain your selections for the current configuration. 

To configure match rules, simply drag an option from an 'All' box to the box directly below it. 

For example, select a match key from the 'Primary Keys: All' box, and drop it onto the 'Primary Keys' box below it. If it is not already present, the match key will be added to the config, and the default values for Max Hits and Fails will be entered. Once a primary key has been added, you can begin to select the crosschecks that you want to be run whenever two records match on that primary key. 

Preferences are global in a configuration; that is, the same preferences are used for all primary keys (however, you can have different preferences in different configurations). 

The 'Add All' captions copy all of the options from the corresponding 'All' box to the one beneath it; you can then discard from the bottom box the options that you do not want to use.  

For crosschecks, use the 'Copy..Paste' captions to copy all of the configured crosschecks from one primary key to another. For preferences, this action will copy the preferences in one configuration to the current one. 

To remove any option from your configuration, select it and drop onto any gray part of the form. 

Queries, crosschecks, and preferences are executed or evaluated in the order in which they are listed in your configuration. Therefore, the order of the options is critical. You can easily change the order of a list by dragging and dropping the individual options. 

Some primary keys have special options that are not available to the other match keys. Whenever one of these match keys is selected, a blue caption will appear beneath it–click this Caption to access these special options. 

To edit MaxHits or MaxFails for a primary key, click the column you wish to edit, then enter your value into the box that pops up. Setting either 'Max' option to 0 disables it.  

For brief help on the primary keys and crosschecks, right-click on the corresponding item in the 'All' box. For more detailed help, follow the links above. 

Select the 'File|Save' menu option, or the 'Save' button at the bottom of the form, when your configuration is complete. 

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