PLP: Title Truncation options §

Truncation is the first of the two special options that can be configured for the TITLE primary key. 


Title truncation 

Title truncation directly affects the number of titles retrieved from the database in a Title Query. There are possible settings options: Always, Never, and Sometimes. 

Use 'Always' to always truncate title searches. This option has the disadvantage of retrieving many irrelevant hits when searching a short title. If you use this option, be sure to set the MaxHits for the Title key to a high enough value to handle the increased number of records retrieved, and to configure enough crosschecks to make sure that a completely irrelevant item is not wrongly matched. 

Use 'Never' to never truncate title searches. This option has the disadvantage of not retrieving potential matches for records with long titles, as titles seem to vary the longer they are. 

Use 'Sometimes' to set the length at which a title search is truncated. This is the default value and the default length is 60. You can set the truncation length to any number between 2 and 254. In general, the shorter this number, the more titles will be retrieved. 

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