Synonyms and MCU 

Because the obvious time to create synonym rules is while reviewing XCFails in MCU, the Synonyms form is, unlike all the other sections of the PLP Config, available in that program. This is called the 'Synonym Notepad' in the MCU menu system. 

To use this form, simply begin a session in MCU, and then, under the 'Configure' menu item, select the option 'Synonym Notepad' (the shortcut for this action is <Ctrl>-<Alt>-<S> ). This will open the same form as appears in the PLP Config, and let you add synonyms. 

There are a few slight differences between the synonym form in PLP and in MCU.  

First, although any existing synonyms will appear in the table (so that you can avoid creating duplicates, etc.), the main purpose of the 'Notepad' is to allow you to add new synonym rules. We recommend not using MCU to change existing synonym rules. 

Second, the new rules that you create are considered temporary until you load the corresponding match rules in PLP. Once you do that, and open the Synonyms form there, the system will display a message like 'There are 5 new synonyms queued up from the MCU Notepad. Do you want to add them now?' If you say Yes, the new rules become part of the PLP config, and can be executed the next time PLP runs. 

Finally, to make things easier in MCU, you can quickly copy data from the MARC record to the synonym work area. First, toggle Edit mode (press F3); then go to the subfield that you want to make a synonym for and right-click on it. For instance, if you are adding a publisher synonym, press F3 and right-click anywhere on the 260$b. That subfield will be copied to the word/phrase box in the work area. Repeat the same steps for the other record (no doubt you are looki9ng at two records with slightly differing publisher strings); that subfield will then be copied to the synonym box in the work area. Select the crosscheck, etc., and press 'Add'. 

This is where the 'Clear on Add' checkbox comes into play. In MCU, you may want to check both of these boxes. MCU automatically copies the MARC data to the work area as above only if the edit boxes in the work area are empty; if they are not, the program assumes you are working on something and leaves them unchanged. You will then have to manually copy and paste the strings from one screen to another.  

Checking the 'Clear on Add' option tells the program to clear the string from the edit box once the rule has been added. So, when you right-click a subfield in Edit mode, if the 'word/phrase' edit box is empty, the subfield is copied to the 'word/phrase' field; if the 'word/phrase' field has something in it, but the synonym edit box is empty, the subfield is copied to the 'synonym' field. (Basically, MCU copies the right-clicked subfield to the first open edit box it can find in the Synonym work area). 

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