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 +====== PLP Record Matching Rules ======
 +The default match rules form looks something like this:
 +For basic instructions on how to use the Match Rules form, [[plp:using matchrules|click here]].
 +===== Definitions and Concepts =====
 +A set of match rules, or configuration, is comprised of:
 +  * one or more [[plp:primary keys:primary|primary keys]], each of which may define
 +  * one or more [[plp:crosschecks|crosschecks]] that are run on matching records
 +  * a list of [[plp:preferences|preferences]] (to determine the 'preferred' record when more than one DB record matches)
 +  * a list of [[plp:xc opts|crosscheck options]] (options that modify crosscheck behavior)
 +  * a list of [[plp:redirection|redirection rules]] ('redirect' records that match but fail certain crosschecks to a separate file)
 +  * a list of [[plp:synonyms|synonyms]] (to improve crosscheck success by equivocating common strings and phrases)
 +Click on the links above for the details on each component of the match rules.
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