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After records have been matched (on a primary key), and successfully pass through whatever crosschecks have been configured for that primary key, the next step is to determine which record in the group should become the merge-to record. 

'Preferences' are small bits of information that we derive from each record in the group of matching records, and which we use to determine this merge-to record. 

We think of preferences as a series of specific questions about a record that can be answered with a simple yes or no (True/False); for example: 

  • is this a DLC record? 
  • is this an OCLC record? 
  • does this record have a summary field? 
  • does this record have any subject headings? 
  • is this a CIP record? 

and so on. 

Preferences are evaluated in the order that they are placed in the options form, so the order of preferences is significant. For instance, if two matching records have the same score for all preferences with the exception that 

  • one record is an OCLC record, and 
  • the other record is a DLC record 

then the record that is the merge-to record will be determined by the preference order. In the screenshot below, 'OCLC record' has priority over '040ac=DLC', so, in the instance cited above, the OCLC record will become the merge-to record: 


Unlike crosschecks, which may vary for each primary key, one set of preferences are applied throughout a configuration. 

Preferences are customizable and will likely vary greatly from one institution to another; for this reason, individual preferences are not described (refer to the screenshot above, and/or on the preceding page, for a view of some typical preferences). 

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