Library Load Profiles--System ID Options §

The System ID page of a library load profile looks like this: 


In PLP and MCU, the phrase 'System Id' describes the field that will uniquely identify the libray record in the union catalog. On the library's system, this field will be found in many different locations: 001/003, 035, 852, various 9XX fields, etc. In the union catalog, this field will normally be located in the 035$a, prefixed by the library's Organization code.  

The purpose of the 'System ID' options page is to make it possible for PLP to automatically map the library's sytem Id to the location it will be required in by the union catalog. 


To create a new Library Load profile, select the '_default library profile' in the drop-down menu at the top, then click the 'Save As' button and enter a new, descriptive name for the profile. 

To configure the System ID page 

  1. Define the location of the unique System Id in this library's records. This can be any field/subfield in a MARC record. If this field is to be taken from a repeatable field (such as 035$a), a 'Prefix' is usually needed to distinguish the library's System Id from other identifiers; if so, enter the prefix in the space provided on the right, and select the 'Delete prefix' option. 
  2. Define the location of the System ID in the union catalog: the field in your union catalog where each library's unique System Id will appear (typically '035a'). This field should be the same in all library profiles.  
  3. Define the unique System Id identifier for this library in the union catalog: this is usually a MARC Organization code, OCLC Symbol, or national union catalog symbol in parens, eg. '(DLC)'. Include the parens in this parameter. 
  4. Choose whether the library's unique identifier should be added as a prefix, or as a subfield $2 ('Prefix' is the default) 


  • It is common to have a profile where the incoming record System Id is the same as the union catalog System Id (035$a + Prefix). However, even if the location of the System Id is the same, it must still be specified.  
  • In cases where the library's System ID is taken from a repeatable field, the 'Delete prefix' option should be used to avoid a double mapping of the prefix:
    035   $a(QPQ)(QPQ)00000001  
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