Parameter Changes §

In September 2010, the SysId page of the Library Load Profile was redesigned. 

The new page looks like this: 


In the past, this page looked like: 


The reason for the change is that the first parameter, 'Database System Id', is: 

  1. a global parameter that applies to all uses of PLP and MCU 
  2. a parameter that was not relevant to the library load profile 
  3. a parameter that is setup once and is then never changed 

Placing this parameter on the SysId page, and using the 'System Id' terminology, was very confusing to new users.  

The 'Database System Id' parameter has been moved to its own options page (see below); and it will now be known as the 'Union Catalog System Tag', or simply: 'System Tag'. 

In addition to moving this option, we also rewrote some of the captions used on the library load profile pages.  

No library load profiles need to be changed; this is a change to the interface only 

Union Catalog System Tag §

By default, PLP will use the 001 for the Union Catalog System Tag parameter. 

Since this parameter will normally never need to be changed, it has been password-protected in PLP. 

To change the database Sysytem Id, follow these steps: 

1. Select 'Database Parameters' from the 'Configuration' menu: 


2. Request a password from TMQ to access this option: 


3. Enter the changes you wish to make and press 'Save': 


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