DB Connection §

The first menu is for the DB connection. The primary purpose of PLP is to query the library's database, and for this a db connection will be needed. 


The program is currently customized for two database servers, B3 and Tepuna. Both database servers run Oracle, and thus two connection methods are available for each, OCI, and NET. 

Two other entries are present.  

LC permalink may be used when searching a file of records that contain LCCNs. This is not really a database connection, as this connection uses the http protocol, but selecting this option is necessary to format the permalink query and send it to the Library of Congress server. (Note that a delay is built into the querying process for this option so as to not overload the connection). 

The last option, 'Test mode', is the default connection mode. This allows the program to be opened, the configuration utilities to be run, MARC files to be loaded, and Self-PLP to run. 

However, to run PLP, a connection to an Oracle database will be needed. 

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