PLP Crosschecks–XTITL 

X245H Crosscheck §

The purpose of this crosscheck is to prevent records from matching when the items have different titles.  

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Data extraction §

This crosscheck follows the same data extraction rules as for the title as a primary key, with the following exceptions: 

  • subfield $h (GMD) is ignored 
  • each retrieved title is truncated to 40 characters 

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Normalization §

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Processing rules §

Results retrieved from the 245 field of each record are compared first; if that fails, the comparison is expanded to include all alternate titles (246) in each record. 

  • Must match in both records. A missing title fails the match. 

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Note §

Important: unlike the primary key query for TITLE, the title crosscheck does not consider the GMD, so be sure to enable X245H.  

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