XMTYP Crosscheck §

The purpose of this crosscheck is to prevent records from matching when the items they represent different materials. For example, we can use XMTYP to prevent a record for a map from matching a record for a globe, or prevent a record for a LP from matching a record for a CD. 

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Data extraction §

The data for this crosscheck is taken from the first two elements of the MARC 007 field, with two more elements optionally being extracted for sound recordings and videorecordings. 

For all records with an 007, we extract these elements: 

  • Category of material (007/00) 
  • Specific material designation (007/01) 

In addition, in records where 007/00 = 's', we extract: 

  • Playing speed (007/03) 
  • Item dimensions (007/06) 

or, in records where 007/00 = 'v', we extract: 

  • Videorecording format (007/04) 
  • Item dimensions (007/07) 

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Normalization §

Our standard normalization is applied to the data extracted.  

In addition, if any of the optional elements listed above contains a '-' (dash), that element becomes a wildcard (that is, a dash will match any value in any of the four optional positions listed above). 

For sound discs (records with 007/00-01 = 'sd'), 007/03 = 'd' is considered equivalent to 007/03 = 'z'. 

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Processing rules §

This crosscheck will not fail for records with a Type of record (000/06) code of 'a', 't', 'c', 'e', or 'o' (Books, print music, maps, and kits).  

In all other types of record (d, f, g, i, j, k, m, p, and r), an 007 is required (that is, a missing 007 will cause this crosscheck to fail for those record types). 

If both records lack an 007, then subfields $a, $b, and $c from the 300 field in each record will be extracted, normalized, and compared (as a single string). If this comparison fails, then this crosscheck fails. 

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