X245H Crosscheck §

The purpose of this crosscheck is to prevent records from matching when the items they represent are for different materials. For example, this crosscheck should prevent a record for an audiocassete from matching a record for a book.  

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Pre-processing §

The pre-processing performed on the GMD by other crosschecks (XFORM, XLGPR, XRTYP), and by Osmosis itself, is–with the exceptions noted below–not performed by the X245H crosscheck. The reason for this exception is to make Synonym processing possible in X245H. 

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Data extraction §

Subfield $h is extracted from the 245 field. 

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Normalization §

  • If 245$h contains the string 'braille', set the GMD for the record to 'braille' 
  • All parenthetical qualifiers are removed, eg. '[text (large print)]' becomes '[text]' 

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Processing rules §

  • If the GMDs in the records being compared are not the same, the crosscheck fails. 

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Post-processing §

  • If X245H is the only crosscheck that fails, and it fails because one record has 245$h 'large print' and the other does not, and the XLGPR crosscheck was run and both records contained large print attributes, then X245H is reset to Pass. This exception is logged in the 'Crosscheck Options' section of the report. 

See also GMD Processing 

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