PLP Crosschecks §

PLP is based on the premise that, when two records match on a primary key, all we really know about the two records in question is that they have the same match key. In order to determine whether these two records really represent the same items, we have to compare many other fields in the records to one another. We refer to this comparison as the 'crosscheck' process. 

The crosschecks used in PLP are represented by brief mnemonic captions, like 'X245H' or 'XTITL'. The first letter is always an 'X' (plp-speak for crosscheck), and it can be followed by a MARC Tag/subfield, or some other indication of where the data being compared is extracted from in the MARC record. 

Because it is important to know how each crosscheck works, we have documented as precisely as possible, the MARC source of the data being compared, and the rules that are applied to this data internally before the comparison takes place.  

Follow the links below to obtain the gory details on our crosschecks. 

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