PLP/MCU Sessions §

A 'session' is the term we use to describe how PLP/MCU organizes the work you perform with this software on your computer; a synonym might be 'Project'. Each time you have a file of records that you want to process, PLP assigns a new, unique, Session Id, and then creates a folder named with that Session Id; within this 'Session folder' will be stored all results and workfiles generated by the program. 

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Session Id §

The Session Id is eight digits long, and used throughout PLP and MCU to uniquely identify sessions. When a file is first loaded in PLP, it is assigned a session ID, and this ID will stay with the file throughout its life in PLP, and in MCU.  

In the Session ID, the first six digits contain a datestamp (YYMMDD), and they are followed by a two digit sequence number (starting at 1). Here are a few examples: 

09122501   --Session #1 (01) on Christmas Day, 2009 (091225)
10032502   --Session #2 (02) on March 25, 2010 (100325)
10032504   --Session #4 (04) on March 25, 2010 (100325) 

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Session Folder §

When PLP/MCU is installed, a folder called 'Sessions' is created in the installation directory 1).  

For each session created in PLP/MCU, a subdirectory, named with the Session Id, is created in the Sessions folder. Here is an example of how the Sessions folder might look on a typical system: 


Within each session folder are two more folders, one called 'Results' and the other called 'Work'. The Results folder contains all of the MARC files produced by PLP/MCU, along with any reports created during the processing. The Work folder contains 'work' files created by the programs as they run–these files can be used to troubleshoot problems. For PLP, this will be a detailed SQL log; for Self-PLP, this will also contain a memory dump of the database used for the processing; and for MCU, there will be an Action log plus a folder containing all MARC records that may have been individually edited.  

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1) by default, this is C:\Program Files\TMQ\PLP
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