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MCU: Filter by Crosscheck §

MCU contains an option to filter the record groups by specific crosscheck fails. This option is useful for research, and we use it frequently at TMQ to test crosscheck behavior. Although this option may not have any direct application in the possible match resolution process, it should prove useful in analyzing these possible matches with a view to refining PLP match rules. 

The crosscheck filter form looks like this: 


Every possible crosscheck is listed (whether or not it is configured in the match rules that were used during the PLP run). The filter can be used in an inclusive or exclusive manner by selecting the 'To Look for' (inclusive) or 'To Ignore' (exclusive) radiobutton at the top. 

In the example, 'To look for' is selected and only the XDATE crosscheck is checked. This means that, after pressing Save and a navigation key, the program will progress through each group until it finds one where the XDATE crosscheck has failed (or until it reaches the beginning or end of file).  

On the other hand, if 'To ignore' were selected instead, the program would progress through each group until it finds one where the XDATE crosscheck did not fail1).  

When a crosscheck filter is in force, the second section of the top status bar will list the filter. To turn off a crosscheck filter, select 'Filter|Clear Crosscheck Filters' from the main menu. 

More than one crosscheck filter can be selected at a time. Use the 'All On' and 'All Off' buttons to quickly select/deselect all of the crosschecks on the form.  


Sometimes it may not be immediately evident why the program selects a group when a crosscheck filter is enabled. For example, the following record group might be selected when our inclusive XDATE crosscheck filter is applied: 


When this happens, use the in-group navigation arrows to page through the DB records on the right until you find the one(s) that failed on XDATE.  

Remember, there can be more than two records in a match group! 

1) Whether or not the XDATE crosscheck was configured. Since this filter is not context-sensitive–in the way an XCRR rule is, for example–you will need to know which crosschecks were used in your PLP config in order to set an exclusive filter correctly
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