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MCU: Tags to Display/Not Display (aka Tag Filter) §

The tag filter allows you to customize what MARC tags are displayed when viewing records in the Compare Mode of MCU. In Edit mode, all tags are always displayed, regardless of the tag filter setup. 

For historical reasons, the tag filter is listed under the 'Configure' menu instead of the 'Filter' menu.  

The Tag Filter form looks like this: 


Like the crosscheck filter, the Tag filter can be used in either inclusive or exclusive mode. Select 'To display' at the top to use the filter in inclusive mode, or select 'To NOT display' to use it in exclusive mode. In our example, we are using the filter in exclusive mode–we are hiding the notes, subjects, and 9XX fields in order to focus more closely on the descriptive fields used in record matching. 

Note that not all possible tags will be listed in the default filter. However, you can easily add any tags that you want to filter by entering the three-digit MARC tag in the editbox at the bottom, and pressing the 'Add Tag' button.  

When a Tag Filter is in force the last section of the top status bar will contain a (truncated) list of tags selected.  

You can select and add as many tags as you want in this filter. Any tags that you add yourself will persist from one session to another. 

Use the 'All On' and 'All Off' buttons to quickly select/deselect all of the tags on the form. 

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