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MCU: Filter by Group §

When working on a large file in MCU, it is sometimes helpful to run through the file quickly and resolve the easy cases first, and then go back through the records again to handle the more difficult cases. To make subsequent passes through a file quicker, you can use the Group Filter option in MCU. 

Here is a screenshot showing the possible group filters that might be applied: 


Set the group filter to one of the six options to restrict navigation to only the type of group selected. For instance, if you select 'Unresolved' only (aka 'Not handled'), the next time you press one of the group navigation buttons (Previous Group/Next Group), the program will continue to advance in the selected direction until it finds a group that is not resolved (or until it reaches the beginning or end of the file). 

Select the 'Clear Group Filter' option to turn off this behavior. 

The third section of the top status panel contains a caption that will indicate whether a group filter is in force. If this view option is disabled, you can always find out whether a group filter is in place by checking the menu: 


In this example, the menu item for the 'Unresolved' group filter shows that it is selected. 

In the current version, only one group filter can be applied at a time. 


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