MCU: Edit mode §

We say that MCU is in 'Compare mode' when the differences between two records are being highlighted. To remove this highlighting, and enter what we call 'Edit mode', press F3 (or select 'Edit|Edit mode' from the main menu): 


To return to Compare mode, press F4 (or select 'Edit|Compare mode' from the main menu). 

Note that in Edit mode, more tags may display than in Compare mode. In our example, all 5XX and 9XX tags were hidden in Compare mode, but these tags now display in Edit mode.  

The logic here is that when you are comparing records, it will be easier to focus on the important descriptive differences between them when any data not needed for this comparison is removed from the display. On the contrary, when you are editing records, it is important to show the complete record. 

You can customize the tags that are displayed or not displayed in Compare mode by selecting 'Configure|Tags to display/not display' from the main menu.  

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