MCU: Basic display setup §

Here is an example of the most stripped-down MCU display possible: 


MCU always displays two records. When we are reviewing an XCFail file from PLP (as is the case above), the left side will contain the source record that was pre-loaded to the database by PLP, and the right will show the database record(s) that matched the pre-loaded (or source) record.  

The caption above the records tells us what records we are looking at in the current match group. In the example above, there were six matching records (five DB records matched the pre-loaded record), and we are looking at number one and two–the source record is always record one. Following the record numbers is a caption describing the status of the match group; the default status is 'Not handled' which means no action has been taken yet on this record group. 

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Use of Colors §

MCU uses rich text and font colors to highlight the differences between two records. The color scheme is something that you can customize yourself (see below). In our example, the color scheme is: 

  • Teal (Bold): Primary key (or match key–what PLP used to link the records in the current group) 
  • Blue (Bold): Tags present in one record but not in the other 
  • Red (Bold): Fixed field coded values that differ  
  • Red (Normal): Different data in tags present in both records 
  • Purple (Bold Italic): Any user-defined field; this is set to the 300 tag in the above example 

If you want to change the color scheme, select 'Configure|Advanced Display options' from the main menu to display the following form:  


Color is highly subjective–experiment with different color combinations until you find the one that works the best for you. 

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