These options are always in effect (unlike most other options in MARC Review and MARC Global, which can be changed and saved separately for each review).


You can add your own picture to the left panel of the MARC Review/Global screen. Click on the Filing Cabinet icon to select a (different) file. In the current version, only BMP files are supported.


You can set up the program to write all MARC Files and reports to the same directory. Click on the Filing Cabinet icon and navigate to the folder that you want to use for Output. Also: See the next option.


When this option is checked (the default), all MARC files and reports will be output to the same folder as the MARC source file. This option takes precedence over the Output Folder option described above.


If this option is checked, all tags will be physically sorted whenever a MARC file is created. This option applies only to MARC Global, and is not selected by default.

NOTE: If you want to force a tag sort in a file you are working with in MARC REVIEW, use the VERIFY utility, and select the option 'Sort tags on output'.


Click on this button to edit your Saved Reviews (and manage your Auto Reviews, if in MARC GLOBAL). More information about working with Saved Reviews is available on the Help screen in this Manager.


If this option is selected, whenever you save a review the program will check your Saved Reviews and alert you if the review name has already been used. If this alert appears, you will have the option to 1) overwrite the existing review, 2) rename the review you are trying to save, or 3) cancel and not save the current review.

This option is selected by default. However, if you have been saving reviews without this option being enabled, we recommend that you go through your Saved Reviews manually and make sure that the 'Review Name' column in each review is unique. You can do this easily in the Saved Review Editor; once the editor is open, click on the column name at the top to sort the review names (and make it easier to check for duplicates). You will have to check for duplicate review names in both MARC Review and MARC Global separately.

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