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 +====== MARC Report 'codelist.txt' ======
 +The following link will open/download the current source code list--a text file named codelist.txt--used in MARC Report:\\
 +[[http://www.marcofquality.com/pages/codelist.txt?purge=true|MARC Report codelist]]
 +To use this file in the program, save it to your desktop, and then, when the program is not running, copy it to your My Documents\MARC Report\Options folder.
 +In the past, we tried to update this list manually by monitoring the 'LC Technical Notice' changes posted to the marc listserv. Now, this list is automatically generated and uploaded to our server whenever a change is detected (at most this will occur once per day, a little after 8 am).
 +Each row of the list consists of three tab-delimited columns((Note that the first line of the file is a timestamp and is ignored during processing))
 +  - the name of the source code list
 +  - the source code itself
 +  - a description/reference for the code
 +For example:
 +abbreviated-title   din1430    Key Title nach DIN 1430 (Berlin: Beuth)
 +abbreviated-title   inisaljt   INIS: authority list for journal
 +The third column is a bit irregular, in that it often contains html encoding for foreign characters, etc. For example:  
 +abbreviated-title din1502 Regeln f&uuml;r das K&uuml;rzen von W&ouml;rtern in Titeln und f&uuml;r das K&uuml;rzen der Titel von Ver&ouml;ffentlichungen: DIN 1502 (Berlin; K&ouml;ln: Beuth)
 +However, this column is not used by the program for validation, and is thus, for information only.
 +The 'codelist' is produced as follows: a program is run each day at TMQ (at a scheduled time) which reads the LC webpage http://www.loc.gov/standards/sourcelist/, and then crawls each list of codes found on that page. When all the codes have been gathered, the resulting list is datestamped and saved, and then compared to the previous day's list. If any 'diffs' are found, the new list is uploaded to the server (and available via the above link).
 +A better solution would be for such a list to be maintained by LC in a machine-readable format. 
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