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 +**ISSN Center Codes**
 +In version 235, MARC Report will correctly validate subfield $2 of the 022 field. This subfield contains a code indicating the 'ISSN Center responsible for assigning and maintaining ISSNs and related data'.
 +This codelist is maintained by the ISSN organization. We found the list by following these steps: 
 +  * Navigate to www.issn.org
 +  * Click the 'Documentation' link along the top bar
 +  * Click the link called 'Country codes'
 +  * Click the link called 'Country codes/Centre codes'
 +There are three fields in the list: country name, country code. and ISSN Center code. MARC Report does not use the country code, which is derived from ISO-3166, but instead uses the __MARC Code List for Countries__ maintained by LC.
 +Another point to note about the ISSN Code list is that it contains duplicate code values. For example, code '0', 'International', is assigned to 115 different countries. 
 +MARC Report does not at present crosscheck the ISSN Code value against the Country code in the 008.
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