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 +**Error message about 490 Ind .1**
 +In version 234, if a record contained a 490 with Indicator 1 coded '0', and there were 8XX fields, the following brief message/note would display:
 +490: Ind 1 should be '1' if 8XX
 +490 (Series statement) Indicator 1 (Series tracing policy) is 
 +coded '0' (Series not traced); check whether it should be coded
 +'1' (Series traced) because an 8XX tracing field is present 
 +providing a series added entry--if so, change Indicator 1 to '1'.
 +In some cases, this message would be erroneous. For example, a record might contains two 490 fields, with only one of them traced in an 830:
 +490 1  $aSeries statement 1 (traced in 830)
 +490 0  $aSeries statement 2 (not traced)
 +830    $aSeries added entry 1 (for the first 490)
 +In this case, MARC Report is not able to tell which 490 the 830 'belongs to'. Since we still think this message is going to be useful in most cases, we have reworded it slightly in version 235:
 +490: Ind 1 might need to be '1'
 +490 Ind. 1 (Series tracing policy) is coded '0' (Series not 
 +traced). If an 8XX tracing field is present providing an added 
 +entry for the 490 series statement, change Ind 1 to '1' (Series 
 +traced); if a related 8XX is not present, ignore this message.
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