The TMQ Cataloging Series: Workshop Summaries


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MARC21 in Your Library (1 Day)

This is an introduction to MARC and how this coding standard ties in with our cataloging standards (ISBD, AACR, and RDA) to work effectively in your library's catalog. At its conclusion, you should be able to read a MARC record, talk MARC and understand how errors in MARC coding affect a library catalog.


MARC for Copy Cats (1 Day)

This is a very basic introduction to copy cataloging in a MARC21 environment: mainly about finding cataloging records that you can copy, some of the challenges of doing so, some of the neglected database issues involved, and a brief introduction to reading a MARC21 record for matching and editing. At its conclusion, you should be able to find, read, copy, and do MARC editing of MARC21 records that match your resources (particularly books).





Rudimentary RDA (1 Day)

This is an introduction to the basics of RDA, the new cataloging instructions, which many national libraries implemented in early 2013. This workshop will not teach you how to do RDA cataloging (that is going to take quite a bit longer than one day to do), but it will cover the all-important topics of: what, why, when, and what's different about it.


RDA/MARC for Copy Cats (2 Days)

This is a solid introduction to copy cataloging according to RDA standards. Building on material covered in “MARC for Copy Cats”, this workshop explains how to match against records that have been created using a variety of standards (or no standards) and how to edit those records to RDA standards, or at least to hybrid standards (a mix of old and new).  At its conclusion, you should be able to copy and edit MARC21 records that accurately reflect your resources (particularly books).