OnSite Cataloging Training


We can bring any or all of the TMQ workshops described on our Training page to your site, subject to the terms below.


Pick a course, or combination of courses, from our list of workshops, set a date and location, get a group of cataloging people together--and we'll take care of the rest.  It’s not as hard as you might think.  If there is sufficient interest in your area or institution, let us know and we can give you the names of others who have successfully hosted our workshops, and tips on how they did it.


Terms Of Availability   (effective since Mar. 1, 2015)

Workshop days





Cost (USD)*





* These costs are for a maximum of 25 attendees


To compute how much a workshop or workshops will cost you (the host site):        

·      Look up the workshop(s) duration from our summary page, or in the detailed lists under “Foundations” and “RDA

·      Use the Terms of availability table above to work out your total cost for the workshop(s).


You can combine workshops up to a total of 4 consecutive days to save on costs; for example, if you hold "MARC21 in Your Library" alone, your cost will be $2,490 (1 day) but if you combine "MARC21 in your Library" and "MARC for Copy Cats" your cost will be $4,000 (2 days)


Host Responsibilities

o       Registration

o       Cancel no later than 4 weeks prior to the first day of a scheduled workshop

o       Provide:

o       A room that can hold the attendees comfortably seated at tables arranged in classroom style; tables must face the presenter and screen; there should be no more than 2 attendees per table (depending on the size of the tables) to allow space for each attendee to manipulate a large binder and multiple handouts. If at all possible, we prefer the room not to be a computer lab, unless we specifically request a computer lab.

o       Podium AND table (for training material) for the presenter. A high stool for seating behind the podium would also be appreciated, if available

o       Computer projector, with a video cable sufficiently long to connect to the presenter’s laptop at the front of the room

o       Large overhead screen (at least 8x8, preferably 10x10), or a large blank white wall.

o       Internet access for the presenter’s laptop

o       Name badges (optional)

o       Certificates of attendance (optional)

o       Evaluation forms (optional) (we can send you a sample to copy)

o       Refreshments (optional, but much preferred by participants)

o       Invoice the attendees (optional)


TMQ Responsibilities

o       Provide:

o       The Presenter

o       The Presenter's laptop

o       Handouts, printed and delivered to the required site (except for sites outside the continental U.S.: hosts must print handouts at their own cost; we will supply the PDFs for the handouts)

o       Travel arrangements and all associated costs (except for sites outside the continental U.S., which must pay a surcharge to cover the cost of a return flight, coach class, from Melbourne, Florida to the host site)


To Schedule an OnSite Workshop


Please contact:

Deborah Fritz


(321) 676-1904


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