Online Cataloging Training


We now offer the following TMQ workshops, as a live, online option:

MARC in your library (1 day)

MARC for Copy Cats (1 day)

Rudimentary RDA (1 day)

RDA/MARC for Copy Cats (2 days)


Cost (USD) *: $1550 per day


* These costs are for a maximum of 25 attendees:


To compute how much a online workshop will cost you (the host site):

        Check the workshop duration, above

        Use the number of 'days' provided there to compute the cost of the workshop, e.g., MARC21 is '1 Day', so $1,550; RDA for Copy Cats is '2 Days', so $3,100.


Host Responsibilities

o       Certificates of attendance (optional)

o       Evaluation forms (optional)


Attendee Responsibilities

o       Computer access to the Internet

o       Permissions necessary to access the GoToMeeting service


TMQ Responsibilities


To Schedule an online Workshop


Please contact:

Deborah Fritz

(321) 676-1904


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