"TMQ workshops are the cream of the crop!


NEFLIN sponsors over 100 continuing education events each year, and none come close to the consistency and excellence of TMQ's classes.


I would highly recommend any of their workshops on any topic."

Brad Ward,

Executive Director, Northeast Florida Library Consortium

(904) 278-5620




"As a school librarian whose chief duty is teaching, not cataloging, I felt daunted by the task of preparing our electronic cataloging records for a new software program and for sharing through our area library consortium. Many times during this project I have wanted to use whatever records were sent to us by cataloging vendors and book jobbers. However, there are such glaring mistakes in many of these records that there had to be another solution. There was: Deborah Fritz and her MARC workshops through two Florida library consortia, TBLC and CFLC.


Not only has she led me through 5 days of understanding MARC records in her workshops, but through her handouts and personal contact she has enabled me to understand what to demand from vendors and has shown me how to correct errors in records we receive and to do in-house cataloging for our difficult holdings. She is unfailingly patient, for she has experienced almost every kind of question from beginners like me. When something in her handouts has seemed unclear, she has worked with me until the wording is completely understandable. This translates into a unique source of help for the novice cataloger working alone.


I have purchased several books--"simple-to-understand" books--on the subject of MARC records, but they never cover enough details of the problems that arise, even in a small library. Ms. Fritz' materials have given me both the philosophy of and practical ways to apply cataloging rules. There is a real need in our field for this kind of detail.


Deborah Fritz' materials are unique, logical, and helpful. I cannot praise her work highly enough."

Carol G. McCammon

Director of Libraries

Berkeley Preparatory School





      "As a para-professional cataloger at a small public library, I have gained immeasurable knowledge of my field by attending workshops held by Deborah Fritz. She presents the material clearly, covering everything from AACR2 and Library of Congress Rule Interpretations to the complete MARC record for all formats. Through attendance at her workshops I have developed the skills necessary to become a contributing member of my local cataloging community."

Eileen Jaffe

Seminole Public Library




"Deborah Fritz's workshops have been invaluable to our cataloging and technical services staff. There has never been a better training resource that integrates cataloging rules with MARC formatting. Everyone doing original and copy cataloging should attend."

Vicki Nichols

System Cataloger

Indian River County Library System




      "I would like to tell you how much I appreciated the cataloging workshop I have attended with you as the instructor. These workshops were marvelous. They are not only for the experienced cataloger but also the novice. I was able to take back and apply some of those things I didn't know to my work. The workshops even helped me solve some of the problems I had with the newer material to be cataloged (i.e. computer files). Your workshops were always interesting and the handouts were excellent. The basics of cataloging have not changed but there have been changes. Your workshops helped me to understand these changes. I would highly recommend your workshops to any one doing cataloging."

Cathy Haines


Leesburg Public Library




"For more heavy-duty training, I cannot say enough good things about Deborah Fritz, at The MARC of Quality, now located in Melbourne, FL. She does training sessions ranging from 1 day to 4 days at all our regional network locations in Florida, and also offers training on-site, in-state and out of state. Workshop topics include the most basic Intro. to MARC, "Book Blitz," Serials, Authorities, Audio-visual material, etc. She is a fantastic trainer!


Deborah is so knowledgeable she could have written the book on cataloging with MARC. Well, actually, she DID write the book: it's Cataloging with AACR2R and USMARC (by Deborah A. Fritz, pub. by ALA, latest ed. revised 1999?). I use this as my Bible!


And no, Deborah doesn't give me a commission. I'm just another satisfied customer!"

Eleanor Rhinelander Schofield

Cataloging Librarian

Proctor Library, Flagler College