Ordering and Pricing

When you are ready to purchase the program, complete the Order Form (see link below), and email it to us.  Once payment has been arranged, we will email you a registration code which, when entered into the program, will change the demo version into a registered version.


Note that MARC Global requires a registered version of MARC Report.  MARC Global pricing below, therefore, includes the cost of MARC Report.


TMQ will provide technical support and updates for the software until Dec 31, 2021, at no additional charge.



Our going-out-of-business pricing for these powerful tools and the other useful utilities that come with them (MARC Review, MARC Analysis, MARC Sort/Dedupe, etc.) has been radically lowered to make them available to many more libraries while we can.


MARC Report and MARC Global PRICING

(MARC Global requires a registered version of MARC Report)

Price (each)

MARC Report

$ 95 (was $295)

MARC Global and MARC Report *

$ 195 (was $690)

MARC Global only (if you already have MARC Report) *

$ 100 (was $445)


*These prices apply to libraries and non-profits only. Please contact us for corporate pricing


We accept payment via checks, EFT, or credit card payment via Paypal.


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After December 31, 2021, no further updates or support for the software will be available because TMQ will be permanently closed for business. This means that after that date: