MARC Report Intro

MARC Report is quality control software for MARC data. It is a librarian's best defense against common coding and cataloging errors in a MARC database.

Unique to MARC Report are thousands of cataloging cross-checks created by Deborah Fritz, the author of Cataloging with AACR2R and MARC21, and MARC21 for Everyone. These cross-checks, or Cat Checks as we call them, don't simply validate your MARC records, they go one huge step farther, and also check the internal cataloging logic of each record: according to AACR instructions, or RDA instructions; with hot-links to the MARC standards, OCLC standards and pre-3R RDA instructions in the RDA Toolkit. And if these checks are not enough, you can easily add your own to the program.

Besides offering the most comprehensive and customizable validation available, MARC Report also includes: a MARC editor, a Text Editor, an XML record viewer, Batch mode validation, and an unmatched collection of integrated MARC file utilities (Verify, Split, Concatenate, MARC Analysis, Sort/Dedupe), converters (Import Text, Export Text, MARC to XML, XML to MARC), plus MARC Review, and MARC Global (which requires a separate license). All of these utilities will quickly process MARC and MARCXML files of any size.

 MARC Report is used by hundreds of catalogers in libraries and library companies around the world to check and correct records that they create, copy, or receive from other sources.

You can download a 30-day free trial of MARC Report right now by going to the Download page (where there are no annoying forms to fill out)

You can learn more about the program on the Features page, or at the program's wiki (if you like getting into the details); or you can read a short justification for MARC Report contributed by the cataloger at an average-sized public library.

System Requirements

MARC Report/MARC Global are distributed only via software download from this website.

MARC Report/MARC Global are supported on Windows 10 Pro. The program is designed for the 32-bit environment. We do not support installations of the software on a 'Home' version of Windows.

You will need Administrative privileges in Windows to perform these updates.

Internet access is required for the following functions: access to updates, subscription validation, and access to current help, cataloging documentation, and tutorials

Program installation requires about 20 MB of disk space.

The amount of disk space actually needed to run the program or the utilities is determined by the size of the MARC files being used in the software.  In general, you should have free disk space equivalent to twice the disk space of the largest file that is being used. 

MARC Report/MARC Global are not supported as applications on any Windows Server platform.

MARC Report/MARC Global are not compiled for Windows x64 platforms--but it will run on these platforms as long as it is installed in the "(x86)" Program files folder .

Important: The software must be able to determine the 'Documents' (or 'My Documents') folder of the user running the program via the Windows API, and the user must have 'full control' permissions in that folder.  




[1] Windows is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and other countries