MARC Report/MARC Global Download

Note: This page is for new users. If you already have MARC Report,  follow this link for update instructions.

To download the free trial of MARC Report/MARC Global:

1. Click the ‘Download MARC Report’ button below:



Installation requires Administrative privileges




2. When your browser prompts you, click ‘Save’ and save the file to a place you will remember.


3. When the download completes, double-click on the saved file to start the installation program.


If you have problems installing the program, please contact us and we will try to help you.
If you have a problem with the trial period expiring prematurely, please send us an email and we will fix it.


Visit the MARC Report wiki for complete details on:

·        Installing the software

·        Documentation of changes

·        Help/FAQ/Tutorials

You can try both MARC Report and MARC Global FREE for 30 days using the 'Download' link above. The 30-day countdown for MARC Report begins the first time you start the program. The 30-day countdown for MARC Global begins the first time that it is launched (a pop-up message will warn you that the 'clock is now ticking').

The trial version for each program is the same as the registered version except that it will expire after 30 days.  There are no functionality differences.

When you are ready to purchase the program, go to the MARC Report/MARC Global Ordering and Pricing instructions. Once the administrative details are sorted out, we will email you the necessary registration codes which, when entered into the program, will change the trial version into a registered version.

MARC Global is only available as an utility of MARC Report; it does NOT need separate installation as it is installed whenever MARC Report is installed. Use of MARC Global (beyond the free trial period) requires the purchase of the separately available MARC Global license.