MARC Global Intro

What is it?


MARC Global is a ‘find and replace’ tool specifically designed for MARC files; it is based on our DOS-based product of the same name, which was first copyrighted in 1997.


How does it work?


MARC Global uses a self-guiding interface which walks you through the steps that are needed to find and replace data in your MARC records. There is a separate form or screen for each step. The six steps are:

      Create a sub-set of records (optional)

      Select a type of global change (delete a tag, move a subfield, change data in a tag, etc.)

      Enter the global change parameters

      Select the output options you would like

      Confirm the selections made above

      Run the global change and review the results


At any point in these steps you can go back to any previous screen and change your options.  Click here: ‘How it works’ for a brief presentation that describes (with screen shots) the six simple steps used in every MARC Global session.


Who is it for?


MARC Global should be a part of every library system administrator’s tool-kit.  Many catalogers will also want to add MARC Global to their arsenal of resources. We believe that anyone who has a good knowledge of MARC will be able to use MARC Global successfully and profitably.

You can download a 30-day free trial of MARC Global right now by going to the Download page and following the MARC Report/MARC Global Download instructions.

You can learn more about the program on its Features page, or at the program's wiki (if you like getting into the details).

System Requirements

MARC Report/MARC Global is supported on any Windows 32-bit platform from Windows 2000 onward.

MARC Report/MARC Global is updated frequently (2-3 times per year); you will need Administrative privileges in Windows to do these updates.

Program installation requires about 25 MB of disk space.

The amount of disk space needed to run the program or the utilities is determined by the size of the MARC files that you are using.  In general, you should have free disk space equivalent to twice the disk space of the file that is being used. 

MARC Report/MARC Global is not supported as an application that is launched on a Windows Server.

MARC Report/MARC Global is not compiled for Windows x64 platforms but will run on them.