MARC21 for Everyone: a practical guide

by Deborah A. Fritz, and Richard Fritz

Published by the American Library Association (2003)


This book grew out of Deborah’s Introduction to MARC workshop, which she has been presenting (and revising) for the last 10+ years. Its an attempt to write an introductory text about MARC with an intended audience of ALL library staff, even those that are not catalogers.  Our premise is that if you have a library automation system in your library, you need to know about MARC records because MARC records are the core of that system.  Our objective is to explain how MARC affects what you do in your library, whatever your role.  Our belief is that when you know how these MARC records are supposed to work, certain previously impenetrable mysteries will suddenly become clear.


“This book is intended for those who, for whatever reason, feel they need to know a little bit about MARC.  More importantly, this book has been written for those who really don't care about MARC, don't think it is important, can't see why they should have to know anything about it, really don't want to know anything about it, but still, after all is said and done, realize that they do need to know something about it”—from the Introduction.


NOTE: The authors’ original title for this book was: “MARC in your Library: An introduction to MARC21 and how it is meant to work in your library automation system”.  The more concise and marketable title that appears on the book is a contribution from the publisher.