Cataloging with AACR2 & MARC21, 2nd ed. (2004)





How to maintain ‘CWAM’ updates


Important Notes:

·        The updates listed below can be used only with the 2nd ed. (2004); they cannot be used with the 1st ed. (1998)

·        Updates do not cumulate (unless otherwise noted); if you are printing your own updates, you must begin with #1 and continue the process for each subsequent update

·        The ‘2006 Cumulation’ of the 2nd. ed published by ALA in 2007 (yellow and blue cover) includes Updates 1, 2, 3, and 4.

·        Update pages are designed to be printed on both sides of a page; for best results, use a printer that supports duplex printing.


For your first update

·        Click on the Update #1 link below.

·        Download & print the pdf file (double-sided if possible).

·        The 'Highlights' page lists changes in the update: file this page at the front of your manual after the title page.

·        Replace old pages with updated pages, taking note of any significant changes, as highlighted by a vertical bar ( | ).


For succeeding updates

·        Check this site on a regular basis.

·        Turn to the latest highlights page in front of your manual (after the title page) and check the date of that update.

·        If any updates have been posted since that date, follow the steps above to download and print each one.

·        Make sure to file all new Highlights pages with those from previous updates.


To identify your edition of ‘CWAM’, use the ‘History’ link on the left.


Update History:


    Update 4:  December 2006 *


    Update 3:  July 2006

    Update 2:  September 2005

    Update 1:  August 2004

The ‘2006 Cumulation’ of the 2nd. ed. published by ALA in 2007  (yellow and blue cover) includes Updates 1, 2, 3, and 4.  If you have the ‘2006 Cumulation’, you do not need to print Updates 1, 2, 3, or 4.


The date of Update 4 represents the date that the ‘2006 Cumulation’ was submitted to the publisher. The actual material for Update 4 was not published on this website until June 30, 2007. We wish to apologize for this delay.