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RIMMF4 (R4) is an attempt to model changes to RDA introduced by the LRM and 3R project.

Work on R4 began in 2017/2018 and is ongoing.

The objectives/status of RIMMF4 are:

  • replace the homegrown text output used by previous RIMMFs with an RDF serialization [complete]
  • replace customized element tables with direct downloads from RDA Registry [complete]
  • support new concepts: recording methods, polyhierarchical subproperties, nomens, machine-readable SES [in progress]
  • demonstrate data provenance using RDA itself [work started]

RIMMF4 does not at present have any awareness of MARC.
For MARC-to-RDA and RDA-to-MARC conversion RIMMF3 may be useful 1).

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Current release: 191216

A beta version of R4 can be downloaded from this link:

A portable installation of R4 is available from this link:

R4 runs on the Microsoft Windows operating system.

The installation documentation for RIMMF3 can be used for R4–substitute 'RIMMF4' for 'RIMMF3' where applicable and ignore the download links2).

R4 can be installed without harming existing RIMMF installations and data on the same computer.

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Latest changes

1) the element sets used by RIMMF3 are based on RDA Registry version 2.7.3, published in Oct. 2017
2) unless you want to download RIMMF3
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