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Here is the link to the RDA R-Balls site:

And this is the definition of an R-Ball (copied from the site listed above):

The R-Balls website contains datasets on cultural heritage resources with 
a focus on a specific RDA Person, RDA Work, or other entity.

An r-ball can be a:

    RIMMF ball: Data about a set of related entities, using local RIMMF syntax.
    RDA ball: Data about a set of related entities, consistent with RDA.
    RDF ball: Data about a set of related entities using RDF syntax.
    Resource ball: Metadata for a set of related information resources.
    Record ball: Metadata for a single information resource.

It seems absurd, but the RDA “R-Balls” site has been known to be blocked by ISPs, etc., as a site that contains inappropriate content!

To increase access to this resource, we have added this page and the links below

In the event you are blocked from reaching RDA's site, you will find below a copy of the links for the 'Rimmf balls' listed on the R-Balls site.

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AgathaBase (150412) (143 KB)

Agathon I results (curated) (294 KB)

Blade Runner (draft) (370 KB)

JaneBase (150106) (101 KB)

Janeathon I results (raw) (729 KB)

Janeathon I results (curated) (438 KB)

Maurice Dance (151001) (29 KB)

RLSBase (150929) (125 KB)

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RDF Balls

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