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 +====== RIMMF4 ======
 +RIMMF3 has reached a period of stability. We will continue to fix bugs, make minor changes, and keep up-to-date with the RDA Registry as much as possible((although some of the changes coming down the road will make the latter problematic)).
 +But its time to look ahead.
 +We have begun working on RIMMF4. 
 +The immediate objectives of RIMMF4 are:
 +  * replace the RIMMF text format with an RDF serialization 
 +  * replace the element tables distributed in RIMMF3 with direct downloads from RDA Registry
 +  * easy conversion of RIMMF3 data folders to RDF
 +  * separate the EI (entity index) from the discovery interface
 +Some longer term objectives are to support:
 +  * the restructured RDA/LRM, and new concepts like: recording methods, nomens, etc.
 +  * some form of uri management
 +  * triplestore cataloging
 +  * an API for sharing user vocabulary terms
 +  * machine-readable SES for formatting structured descriptions
 +  * more granular provenance
 +However, for
 +  * MARC-to-RDA and RDA-to-MARC conversion
 +RIMMF3 is still going to your best bet in the short term.
 +Expected ETA: 
 +2019 (immediate objectives)
 +2020 (longer term objectives)
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